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Brisbane to Gold Coast ride pics

The brisbane to gold coast riders – L-R   Mark, Phil, Scott, Rod and Chris brisbane-to-gc-ride-2.jpg (Click to enlarge)


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Magpie Map (Updated)

After a less than enjoyable 7 magpie swoops in a 20k stretch – I was reminded about Rods idea of an online map of magpie locations. If people are interested I am happy to maintain a map page here on the SRCC blog or maybe a google maps page with known magpie locations. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or magpie locations and aggressiveness would be welcomed

A draft map can be downloaded here  magpie-map-v1.jpg approx 900k

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See the video here!

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12 Hour Mountain Bike Madness


230 m climb
12 hours
11 km circuit
3 riders
1 dim bike light…

Saturday 8 am: Scott heads off with 150 other riders up a dusty hill at Kooralbyn. Arrives back smiling at 8.35.
8.35: I head off. Arrive back sweating and shaking at 9.21 (You do the maths!)
9.21 Josh (Scott’s 16 yo nephew) speeds away. Back 10.03.

Up, up, down, up, up, down, up, up, up, then I think there must be 5 downs to even things up. Trees, rocks, dust, rocks and dust – things you rarely encounter when road riding. “Track right” instead of “Car back”.

And so it went on till 5.30 pm when it got dark and I got scared. (Actually I got scared at about 8.39 am when I came to my first down-hill section, and I discovered I like going slowly up hills more than going rapidly down. And the last 2 km were straight down some dusty cliff, without ropes and harness and stuff.)

Josh did one lap at night with a headlamp that turned the dusty bits into a white-out blizzard (and it took 60 minutes to get around).

Scott did one lap with a bike light that actually made the bits of night it pointed at darker!
So I kept my beanie on and ate a steakburger.

Scott did consistent 35 min laps and mine wer 43 min. 15 laps (as Josh’s dad did a lap for us) put us in about 60th place, just in front of a one-legged guy doing it solo on a unicycle.
Till next year.
See you there.

Phil K

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Noosa Enduro Race Report


The Noosa Enduro is, in my limited opinion ‘the event’ in the series thus far. The course offers good single track, fire trails and road sections through some great locations and views back to the coast. The event is very professionally run . Get this – when I got in, the hamburger and coffee stalls were still there – although they had run out of steaks for the steakburgers. Continue reading

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Scott Does Europe

Hopefully we’ll coax Scott W on here to post some of the highlights of the recent trans-Europe tour undertaken by he and Arwyn. In the meantime, here’s a couple of shots of the SRCC jersey getting international exposure in Italy and France.

imgp2304small.jpg  imgp2608small.jpg (click for full sized images)

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Richard McDonald Memorial Cyclegaine

Just want thank Peter Trehearn for the a great day on Saturday.  The course was great and the conditions were perfect.A quick summary from my point of view…. Continue reading

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Using the Site


A few comments for you on how to use this site.  Continue reading

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Coffs 100k MTB Marathon Report

Well it wasn’t pretty but I got there in the end


As we drove up to the event I said to Kate ” I hope this isn’t a hard course!” she replied rather sarcastically ‘ yeah right I ‘m sure they wouldn’t make the Australian MTB Champian course difficult’.  Up to then it did not occur to me that they were holding the australian championships at the same time! Well it did prove to be a hard course, not in the same way as the Kooralbyn-Boonah race, a straight out xc with lots of hill climbing.  Continue reading

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Pro Lite High Modulus Carbon Road Bike

Here are the stats for the Pro Lite High Modulus Carbon Road Bike (Team Edition).

I am dealing directly with the importer of Pro-Lite product, so you cut out the retail mark up (conditions apply- minimum supply). All products come with warranty and direct back up either through myself, the importer, or Pro Lite. I have negotiated a minimum 5 buy supply.

Click through for more details… Continue reading

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